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Group buys SEO tools is the middleman who buys all popular SEO tools that are used a lot at the original price, then provide the set at a lower price than the original price that so users of SEO can buy. These SEO tools that they can not afford to buy at the original price.

Group buying means sharing the account for users of SEO, but still ensuring that these shared tools will work well.

We will provide your account through the Email with full login information for SEO tool account, we have integrated login information into the software.

Yes, we will support you when you need, we work 24/7 so support will be very fast.

You can contact us via Skype, email, group Facebook, or support ticket.

Yes, we will block some API features, OpenApps, … in some SEO tools to avoid abuse. All of the accounts we provide are primarily for small and medium groups, so we will not allow any abuse to affect other users. Another reason is that more demand and customer abuse are on the rise, so tool suppliers have set limits on every purchase using this tool. Therefore, we can not offer you much use even if you purchase the highest package from these providers.

Yes, because the account is of sharing use, your campaign will be seen by other users, but only some tools. If there are other security issues then this purchasing group is not suitable for you. You should consider before deciding to use it

No, because shared accounts use a lot of people, so your sharing will have a great impact on the process of using it even if it can lead to account lockout vendors. And we strictly forbid buying accounts at the group buying us for other purposes like trading and sharing. We have 24/7 monitoring staff, if found we will lock the account immediately and not refund.

We are working hard to improve these tools so that our users can use them better, and we update them regularly to help them keep up the good work. If there is a problem you can not use, please let us know so we can fix it soon or if there is any notification, we will inform you immediately.

No, due to a large number of users in the main account, so the account of some tools will be limited or due to the transition of new users to the group and the expiration of the user expires to balance the accounts. Therefore, we will change the account to help users better use. Please do not place an order when you request an account to use forever. We will update regularly so that the account works best.

Anybody can also buy accounts at the group buy us if you can pay by PayPal. Our orders are currently only accepting payment through PayPal. If you can not pay by PayPal then you can contact us so we can help you complete the purchase payment tool

Usually within 1-24 hours. We always try to provide you with the account as soon as possible. If you work in the office hours, you can receive your account within 5-15 minutes.

No, If you want the specific tool, please don’t purchase the subscription, we’re providing all in 1 service for few. We’re paying over $5000 to instrument suppliers, then buying proxies for each user and then remote desktop service, etc..Its take it or leave it deal. Do not buy if it won’t and if you want you will need one tool work refund.

No, we’ve got zero tolerance policy on that. If you registered dispute or promised refund, it means all doors have closed, and you won’t be able to combine our site again.

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