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+ Possibility to link six devices simultaneously (including mobile device connectivity).

Multi-language available.

+ P2P protocol and other peripheral gadgets

+ Strong connectivity with OpenVPN’s plinth.

+ Runs with all main operating systems, including phones.

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About NordVPN Premium Group Buy – 1 Year Access

When it comes to virtual private networks or VPNs, NordVPN has proven to be our top stable online service. The organization currently has over 5,100 servers globally, making it the biggest provider we’ve reviewed.

It also takes a firm stand on consumer protection and provides resources seldom used in the market. NordVPN bundles all that up in a snazzy client that’s compatible throughout any site it’s provided on, even ad blocking for good measure. For its superlative user interface, multiple functionality, and comprehensive support, our business option winner is a rare 5-star.

NordVPN lets you pick one from a list of 62 nations, including some 5,130 as of the last count. That places it above every other VPN provider I’ve tried, like Private Internet Access, which provides 3,522 servers across 33 countries. Most NordVPN servers are in the U.S. and UK, which is not uncommon for VPN businesses.

But NordVPN has a decent mixture of servers worldwide, spanning various locations throughout Asia, Central and South America, Central and Eastern Europe, and a few in India and the Middle East. The business already has two sites in Africa — Egypt and South Africa — and I’d like more in the future. NordVPN provides Hong Kong, Russia, and Turkey domains with authoritarian internet policies.


VPN providers will spin new servers if needed, but I still consider these numbers significantly. The more varied the server venue, the more spoofing choices you have.

It’s much more likely to locate a nearby server while driving, which usually leads to the improved output. Also, the number of servers is important; the more servers, the fewer users link to the same server. Each consumer gets a larger slice of the bandwidth pie.

NordVPN previously reported that servers are accessible from China. This ensures that everyone in the world can bypass censorship by connecting to a VPN server outside China.

That’s especially noteworthy because China’s so-called Great Firewall massively limits the pages that can be reached from within the country’s borders. Windows users still have entry, but other systems would be included, the company states.

A representative from NordVPN informs me all servers are dedicated, and none are interactive servers. That ensures the servers are physically placed where they pretend to be, a significant difference as a virtual server can be designed to behave as though it were running from a place other than its position.

VPN businesses have different approaches to manage this. For example, Golden Frog VyprVPN only stores customer data in Zurich, Switzerland, regardless of VPN location. AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite is a virtual server of 20 per cent. Digital servers aren’t inherently evil, so it’s helpful to consider where the data is heading.

But NordVPN’s greatest attribute is its number of different servers. This involves VPN BitTorrent traffic servers. Other VPN providers provide software to help you overcome basic issues, but NordVPN goes deeper with special deals such as double encryption, Tor anonymization network link, and anti-DDoS servers.

Privacy with NordVPN

When using a VPN, your online behaviours provide as much insight as to your ISP. If so wished, it may analyze any knowledge passing through its framework. It will even theoretically mark you to another party — for eg, law enforcement — making you trackable digitally. That’s why it’s crucial to recognize and be happy with the business’s measuresbusiness’s measures to secure your privacy before you purchase a VPN subscription.

A NordVPN representative told me that the organization doesn’t inject advertisements into the site traffic, nor does it gain from selling user data.

The company representative informs me that NordVPN only gathers aggregated app-crash statistics and voluntary diagnostic results. The delegate also affirmed that NordVPN stores no publicly identifying details. All this material is covered through the privacy policy.

In November 2018, NordVPN reported that one of the “major four audit firms” conducted a third-party audit of its no-log policy. It joins other VPN firms, including TunnelBear VPN, who conduct similar audits. Each of these audits is different, but the initiative indicates corporations are concerned regarding customer privacy and protection. Hopefully, other businesses follow suit.

NordVPN exists within Panama’s legal authority, although no rules require the organization to maintain data over a mandatory duration. The business claims it doesn’t keep log records, but there’s no detail it will really give over under a request.

However, it is impossible to support every VPN company’s privacy policies completely. Doing this will involve extensive access to the company’s code and systems and technical knowledge to understand it.

That said, based on my NordVPN conversations and reviewing the company’s privacy policy, it seems to mean the right things. However, as always, you as the user can question yourself if you are comfortable trusting every provided organization with your personal details.

Let’s see how customers perceive the NordVPN service.

1. NordVPN is my favourite VPN service provider. Compared to other options, NordVPN has several servers on various continents so that you can select the right position according to consumer tastes. NordVPN is accessible on different platforms, including hardware operating on Windows / Mac OS / Linux and NordVPN. We also operate on handheld devices that are really handy while required in certain situations to work with a wi-fi hotspot that is not really well secured. NordVPN requires one to use multiple computers simultaneously to access the VPN network simultaneously from a machine and the same machine.

2. Who do you like best?

+ Possibility to link six devices simultaneously (including mobile device connectivity).

Multi-language available.

+ P2P protocol and other peripheral gadgets

+ Strong connectivity with OpenVPN’s plinth.

+ Runs with all main operating systems, including phones.

+ Outstanding Video Chat customer support.

+ Easy-to-use server from any place.

+ Data Conservation Policies (NordVPN takes great care of its users; details not to fall into the wrong hands).

+ Offers exceptional anonymity while surfing.

3. Nordvpn provides quick collaborations with unrestricted transmission speed to its customers and has a large range of devices worldwide. What’s more, the relation is plentiful and heavily secured to deter malware.

The company guarantees a serious approach without authorization, indicating not having the DNS traffic and search data. NordVPN requires various forms of gears and operating frameworks and operates on several machines concurrently.

The VPN is an effective agreement that encourages consumers to easily connect with a protected server with boundless communication capability to hold monumental documents flowing securely. The item fused an elective P2P, ideal for every item transferring gigantic records between computers.

The association also guarantees industry-standard security for sensible, flexible displays. Moreover, considering the assured gear area, a challenging no-log device guarantees an authentic safety standard. NordVPN enhances different hardware so you can hold it anywhere.

4. NordVPN is the industry’s finest in secure streaming, sensitive details. It provides limitless capacity and high-speed access to consumers and a massive number of devices across the globe.

The relation is secure and well-encoded to defend you from malware. NordVPN promises a robust no-log-policy, implying you don’t keep traffic and request background in your DNS. NordVPN recognizes multiple platform styles and operating systems cane to run simultaneously on many devices.

5. Multiple positions-the NordVPN an excellent utility. In many areas across the world, the organization has many computers that provide high-speed connections with limitless capacity, since devices are not overloaded and noisy.

The program often comes with government-grade cryptography protected protocols, guaranteeing high safety levels. The company has a no-log policy not to obtain and preserve consumer and DNS record browsing data. Double VPN is an excellent feature that offers tremendous stability, but it hurts communication efficiency.

6. Using several computers, concurrently, is one of NordVPN’s most significant advantages as it embraces several different platforms and enables users to use it concurrently on up to 6 machines that completely suit my needs. Things like settings and profiles easily synchronize over multiple devices.

What do we offer?

  • 1 Year Access
  • Premium VPN with many counties
  • Limited time offer
  • Direct ID Pass
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  • 100% Service Warranty 
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